International Pro TCM

IPro TCM specializes in connecting Traditional Chinese Medicine with the global community through international courses, translations, and releasing top quality information about TCM in multiple languages, by the best experts of the world.

Our Mission Statement

We believe in a healthy humanity on a better world. We believe that everything we do can improve people’s life.

Our Values

  • Maximum Quality information: It will be directly from the source of TCM, Chinese and also from the latest researches in occidental languages.
  • Unique Professionals: We believe in giving our clients only the best so we only work with skilled professionals with proven results and success.
  • Top Useful Methods: We focus on what really works in the practice. We only believe in methods that are useful and produce real results.
  • Comprehensive exchange: Our translations and informations will always be synthesized for experts but easy and understandable for everyone while keeping the original source information.

Our Partner’s Network

We  have developed an extensive network of international professionals and companies in Europe, America and Asia that has aloud us to expedite  our business projects around the world with the best qualified professionals at international level; and with our connections at Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong  we have  partnered with the most important and prestige universities, hospitals, institutions and companies of China.

Our Team

We believe that  the essence for reaching our goals  is to fall in love with everything we do.
Passionate professionals will  inspire you to learn more, to practice more, to live more and to become more. At every course, article or conference around the world, IPro TCM hires only the best talent, selecting only those who exhibit the core experience and expertise to drive results into succes. Do you want see what we do?






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